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20 June 2005, 10:06 PM
This is my expansion of David's answer to my question in another thread on how to add Fact Categories, as I hadn't at the time found a Fact or Category that allowed me to include info on an individual's language.

Looking through The GEDCOM Standard Release 5.5 Appendix A, I found the GEDCOM Language tag to be:

LANG {LANGUAGE}: = The name of the language used in a communication or transmission of information.

This ability to add tags is yet another great Reunion feature: the ability to expand your GEDCOM info with the addition of tags. (Has anyone noticed a max on how many tags you can enter?) By the way, I'm not suggesting just adding any old tag, for Reunion builds the appropriate tag for already exisiting fields, and wow there are plenty of them.

Should anyone wish to know, there is a HTML text version of The GEDCOM Standard Release available here: http://www.gedcom.net/0g/gedcom55/ . In the past I've found the PDF version to be cumbersom.

A complete list of the tag definitions is here: http://www.gedcom.net/0g/gedcom55/55gcappa.htm
This is a very informative and helpful list to wander through.
My favorite, by the way, is BLOB:

A grouping of data used as input to a multimedia system that processes binary data to represent images, sound, and video.

I imagine this is where one would list any alien family members.