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30 May 2008, 02:18 PM
Mokotoff, G., ed. Every Family Has a Story. First ed. 2008, Avotaynu: Bergenfield, NJ. 7" x 10" 304 pp. hardcover $37.00.

While focused on Jewish Genealogy, this book should prove interesting to just about all genealogists. A collection of stories from the pages of Avotaynu, the magazine of Jewish Genealogy. The trials, tribulations, successes and failures related will bring recognition to most genealogists. Many truly amazing stories are told. Well edited, absorbing reading, truly interesting stories about our favorite addiction. This book could easily create a genealogist out of a casual reader, and certainly give the active genealogist considerable food for thought. The research techniques and methods used are interesting and valuable insight is given. With the caveat that I wrote one of the stories, I can highly recommend this book to just about anyone with an interest in genealogy and/or history.