View Full Version : Citing website as a source when the site is gone

Karen Peters
27 April 2008, 11:26 AM
How do you handle citing a website as a source when the website is no longer there and the website owner is unreachable? Would you do something like:

27 April 2008, 06:04 PM
However, it seems wrong to not use the source, because he led me to the other information, but it would be wasting other people's time to cite the source without a warning that the website is gone.

It doesn't seem wrong to me to forget it. Use the other, durable sources. Lots of sources provide leads rather than confirmation. As you say, it is pointless to refer to something which doesn't exist. This is why, I'd like to say, it is important for website writers to include their sources--not to just contain unsourced information--they are much more ephemeral than print.

Linda G
27 April 2008, 09:52 PM
Websites are ephemeral. Part of their citation should be the date accessed, viewed or downloaded, whether or not the link expires later.

Likewise, if you can determine the website's source of the 'original' data or an author, that should be identified.

Otherwise, I agree, if you've found more reliable sources for the information, it seems ok to me to eliminate citing the website, unless you want to discuss your research process.

I don't check to see whether links still work, or, even still have the same information that I originally downloaded. So, to me, you've gone above and beyond!

Linda in MA