View Full Version : Asking for help in France

09 January 2008, 06:36 AM
Asking a French user, who can give me some hints with research in France.
Lost a person who moved from Amsterdam to Beauvais in 1910.
Perhaps you can contact me on by email: fjvanbodegomREMOVE@wanadoo.nl
Remove the capitals in my address

16 January 2008, 06:15 PM
Mr. Jean-Luc Renaud, Maurice Meziere and Didier Libmann answerd my request for help in France.
I emailed them (with the email address, they sent me), but pity enough they came back as 'Undelivered'
So I tried again: and again the postmaster.free.fr (automatic) sent them back.

Hope that above mentioned persons can email me again and sent a (more valid) email address or 'snail-mail' address, so that I can try to contact them again.

Thanks in advance