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Les Buckalew
21 November 2007, 09:42 AM
My Epson Stylus C86 printer died on me last week, and I'm wondering if one of you "Reunion for Mac" users might have a good working replacement extra printer that I can purchase from you.

I'm still using Mac OS 9.2.2 because I'm intimidated by OS X, even though I have it available on my "old" iMac. Age (77) and failing health make me hesitant to invest in a new printer, especially since my genealogical work has about come to an end (I've been at it and Reunion for 15+ years).

Thanks to Leister Productions and you all for the service and comradery that I have enjoyed and profited from throughout the years!

Les Buckalew
Kennesaw, GA

21 November 2007, 11:28 AM
Les, If I might give a bit of advise to a "senior":

Buy a new printer. A low end (but good) Epson, or another such as HP, Lexmark, or Canon, would only be about $60-$80. Even lower if you go to Epson's web site and but a factory "Re-Furb".

If you get a used printer, even free, you'll have to buy ink--to the tune of $20-$50+. What little you'll save will be far offset in that the used printer will fail FAR sooner.

Printers, these days, are cheap "throw-aways". They are sold at cost, or below, just to sell expensive ink. Ala: Gillette & Schick. It's just the nature of the beast.

21 November 2007, 10:18 PM
About 3 years ago after my Epson 740i conked out, I was walking through Fry's and noticed they had a stack of refurbished Brother EMFC-210C Multifunction Printers for $69 ($99 - $30 mail in rebate). The printer (it's also a scanner, fax, copier[both b/w and color] and captures photos from memory cards) has performed flawlessly for about 3 years. Fry's is still selling refurbished EMFC-210Cs online, but now they are $49 ($79 - $30 mail-in rebate). To save on ink, I refill the b/w cartridge for about $5 per refill (from a Meritline Refill kit - also from Fry's). If you want to check the specs, go to Frys.com and search for #4652126. By the way, I have no connection to either Fry's or Brother; the above info is my experience. This is not the first refurb I've had good luck with.

I don't know what your price ceiling is; perhaps this is in the ballpark.

Charles Sadler in Anaheim CA