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Jan Williams
27 April 2005, 01:03 AM
Under OS X, and REUNION 8, is there a maximum size for Pedigree Charts?

I know the .pdf file itself can be small, yet represent a thousand pages, or more, if printed on standard letter/A4 paper. If using a plotter 36" wide, say, and whatever length was required, several strips of these pages would be required to print such a chart (40 generations, 3500 boxes).

Just because something is intuitively possible doesn't mean that (a) SuperChart and/or (b) Adobe and/or (c) printerdrivers and/or (d) the OS hasn't set some limit, probably based on a power of 2. Just how big a (virtual) wall do I need it I can get the chart to print?

Thank you for your time.

Jan Williams, NJ

27 April 2005, 01:38 PM
QuickTime limits page sizes to 455" x 455" in the Mac OS. Different applications do not accommodate this equally well, so be aware you might run into issues if you're working in this regime. Reunion will paginate properly with this page size, though, and I haven't yet run into any limit on overall chart size.

The manual says there's no limit to the dimensions, number of pages, or number of boxes in a chart.

27 April 2005, 08:30 PM
Under OS X, and REUNION 8, is there a maximum size for Pedigree Charts?It should be noted that Tim is THE expert in printing family charts. He invested in a plotter/printer years ago for the express purpose of printing Reunion charts. I have a set that he printed for me that are wonderful. I highly recommend that you seek his professional services if you want some beautiful, functional, and useful charts.