View Full Version : Long time uploading files

09 April 2007, 11:18 AM
Reunion 9.03, G4 1.2 meg ram, 1.2 ghz, 500 Gig HD.

At this point in time I only have a little less than 2000 names so a very small file.

When I upload using InterArchy I have to send portions of the files or the upload stalls with only 1 or 2 megs sent.

I am also using Dreamweaver 8. Getting the files into Dreamweaver was a real "trip".

Used Reunion from about version 2 or 3 I believe but have been so busy in recent years I haven't worked on it until the last month. Wouldn't even consider any other software for the job.

Since no one has any answer to this question and it seems possible tech support may think this is the fault of the DSL Line or FTP client I am going to wade in here again.

Please understand that I am in no way a professional with Reunion.

I tested my DSL connection for speed, it uploads at 331k, Reunion uploads at 2k to 9k occasionally. I ran another upload of comparable size,12 megs., it took 33 seconds to upload the file and it was images, text, etc.

I am not saying there is something wrong with Reunion software but I think I must be doing something wrong. The instructions for Web Publishing are a little thin. Possibly the majority would rather "burn" a disc but I want more folks to be able to see what I have for the benefit of everyone in our family circle.

BTW: I have tried a total of five different FTP clients and all do the same thing.