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David G. Kanter
21 March 2005, 03:10 AM
Note: The following postings were made in the thread entitled "Using Acrobat w/Reunion", but I'm responding in this new thread. (ReunionTalk Guidelines: "Use appropriate message titles. If a thread drifts off the original topic, start a new thread")Any advantages to using Heartland Graphics (http://www.familygraphics.com/) as compared with Kinkos (or another printer)?
For me, they are:
(1) Heartland Family Graphics (HFG) familiarity with, and in-house use of, Reunion so I can send them the native chart file and know that Tim Lundin at HFG can, if need be, help ensure the final product is as good, and as inexpensive, as it can be. (On the latter point, Tim has often suggested very minor changes which reduced the letter-size page count that he uses to price his work.)
(2) Their pricing. While I found that Kinkos was a bit cheaper when I was doing strictly black & white (gray scale) charts without any pictures or graphics of any kind, when I needed any color or any graphics

David Leavitt
24 March 2005, 05:04 PM
I've only used Heartland Graphics once, but they were extremely responsive, easy to deal with, and produced an excellent chart (I gave it to a cousin as a wedding present). I can also recommend them heartily (pun not intended).

kent forrest
09 August 2007, 11:15 AM
OK Heartland works but if you want a quick and really inexpensive chart take a PDF or JPEG file to your local SAM's club photo center with POSTER capability. You can transport your files on a CD or appropriate camera chip.

In most cases they will print a poster in under 10 minutes. Currently I'm printing 16" x 20" posters (using the custom REUNION 9.0 layout). I really appreciate the COST - about $7.00 each where I live. Other sizes are available. I was shocked that the borders were perfect on the posters.

The nice thing about the custom layouts is that you have a "what you see is what you get" image.

If you want they will even mount the poster for another $11.00.

In comparison my local OfficeMax wanted $29.95 for the same unmounted poster and an additional $11.00 for mounting.