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06 September 2006, 02:21 AM
My apologies if this has been thoroughly covered earlier, but I couldn't find a thread that discussed the issue specifically.

It seems to me that I've read on this web site of some nightmare situations in which iPhoto made a version change which changed the folders in which photos were stored causing Reunion users to have to point their numerous photos to new locations.

It seems risky to me to depend on iPhoto always staying the same without causing problems down the road. So ... why not keep your Reunion related photos in it's own folder within the Reunion program folder? This is what's done with the Kennedy "Sample Family" photos (as well as audio and video files) that are stored in it's own "Pictures" folder after installing Reunion.

I'm a new user of this program and haven't committed one way or the other.

Comments? Questions? Observations? Advantages? Disadvantages?

Thanks in advance!

06 September 2006, 06:53 AM
I wouldn't (and don't) rely on iPhoto for organising pictures for my genealogy. As you've noted, iPhoto has a habit of changing the filing structure from time to time.

but I also don't rely on putting them in the Reunion application folder either.

Put them somewhere in your User folder - in the Pictures folder for example - and link them to Reunion from there.

For one thing this makes it easier to remember to back them up as it's easy enough to back up your Pictures folder, or even your whole Users folder, but not so easy to remember that you've got some data stored in the Applications folder.

Same goes for the family file - store that in your Users folder - maybe in Documents. To overcomes Reunion's fondness for always opening File Open/Save dialogs at the Reunion application folder, put an alias of the folder you keep your genealogy in into the Reunion application folder.


12 September 2006, 07:27 AM
Thanks for your reply. The alias idea for the family file was a great one which I've adopted and I'll be creating a picture folder as you described.

Best regards!