View Full Version : Off Topic? Document Naming Conventions

27 July 2006, 10:52 PM
I have several source documents that I've been managing on a PC for years, some of them with a half hearted naming convention, some without... some are Word docs of obituary and interview transcripts, some are high res TIFs of scanned sources. Now that I'm on the Mac I'm finding the folders and long file names too much to manage to be really useful.

So, I ask you all, how do you store your research documents and sources outside of reunion? What naming convention, if any, do you have? Is it best (acceptable?) to have relatively short filenames and store more detailed information in comments for Spotlight to index? Or, do you forego everything and store everything inside of reunion as sources, importing the images and so on?

I realize that this is probably something that varies from user to user, but I wanted to see what everyone else does so I can try to pick a system that works best for me, from those who have been there.


28 July 2006, 03:27 PM
There was a similar discussion a few months ago and I explained my system for storing files at this link.