View Full Version : Upgrading from Reunion 11 to 12

Linda Smith
17 August 2018, 09:15 PM
Although I am using Reunion 12, I question if my file is completely upgraded. My working file is labeled Linda's Family File 11 Export 12. I find another file by the same name that is empty so I have to be selective when I open my working file. The second empty file states I have created a new empty file and nothing is in it. Has my working file not completely converted?
Thank you.

Blaise A. Darveaux
22 August 2018, 06:44 PM
If you open your working file and Reunion 12 is what is being used, it sounds like your file has been converted. You can check this way: when you open your working file, use Reunion=>About Reunion to open a little panel that shows what version of Reunion you are using.

Your empty file may have been created by saving an empty (or Template) file of your working file. A Template file has all the "user created" changes that you have made to the defaults, but doesn't have any of the people data in it. It is used if you have spent a lot of time customizing the look and feel of your family file and now you want to start a new file (presumably, for a different family) and wish to retain your customizations for it.

If you didn't intend to make a template file, and you haven't added any data to it and don't want it, just throw it in the trash like any other file.