View Full Version : Updating Books built in Reunion 11 using Reunion 12

18 July 2018, 04:00 PM
I have several Book reports that were built using Reunion 11. I update them every few weeks to incorporate all of the edits made since the last update. I've just upgraded to Reunion 12. When I try to update the book contents, I get a window asking me to "Name the converted family file". The old family file name I used with Reunion 11 is pre-filled in under "Save as". I can see my new Reunion 12 family file in the list below, but it is greyed out. I don't really want to convert a new family file. How to I update my books using the already converted Family File?

19 July 2018, 01:52 PM
The reason you're getting this message is because the book project is associated with the Reunion 11 version of the family file.

It's possible to force the book project to link up with the Reunion 12 version of the family file, however, there is the possibility that problems could arise depending on various factors. If you haven't made extensive modifications to the book project (e.g. custom pages), it would probably be best to recreate the book project.

Even if you have made custom changes, it still may be better to recreate the book project in 12. Note that you can import and export custom sections of the book project - you'll find those options in the File menu.

Having said that, if you'd like to try associating the book project with the Reunion 12 family file, first create a copy of the book project via Finder - that can be done by CTRL+Clicking/Right-Clicking on the book project in Finder and selecting "Duplicate" - then open the duplicate (this way, if any problems arise, the original project remains unchanged).

Back in Finder, locate the Reunion 11 version of the family file that the book project is currently linked to. CTRL+Click/Right-Click on it and select "Compress..." from the menu that opens to create a ZIP file containing the family file, then drag the family file to the Trash.

Then try updating the book project. You should get an option to locate the family file for the project - select the Reunion 12 version of the family file.