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23 February 2018, 04:57 PM
Hi all-I just am not sure what to make of this...

I have a new DNA match on Ancestry and I marked him as such in Reunion. I used the Find Relationship button and he is my 2c1r through 1 ancestor. Ok.

The puzzlement comes in because he also matches my son and they are 3c and depending on which of the 3 (yes, 3!) ancestors they share in common, they could be 3c, 3c1r, 3c2r.

One of the 3 is my my 3g grandparents, another is my gg grandparents and the other one is my great grandparents.

So how can my son have 3 connections to 3 ancestors and I only have one connection? We should have the same ancestors shouldn't we??

I checked to see if I had mistakenly tied my husband into one of the 3 ancestors and nope, I didn't.

My mind is not comprehending this at all. I don't even know how to fix or understand this.