View Full Version : Unwanted Multi-media Files

11 February 2018, 04:40 PM
I have two missing multi-media files. It indicates that they are in the trash, but the trash has long since been emptied. Below is a bibliographic notation I cannot get rid of these. I don't need them anymore. See the attached screen shot.

(Don't worry about the third missing file. It is missing and I still want it so will keep on looking for it.)

12 February 2018, 11:12 AM
It tells you at the bottom of that screen that the highlighted one is attached to Source 984.

So go to Edit Source 984 and delete the file from the Media part of that source.

Then do the same for the second one.


22 February 2018, 12:48 PM
I am late in responding. Easy fix. Thank you.