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14 March 2005, 05:18 PM
I did a search of tax assessments (city) for some addresses relating to some of my "key" relatives. Now I'm not sure where to enter them. Any suggestions?

Info contains owner name, lot info, number of residents, assessment values, and for very early times, number of animals, dogs & b**ches! (Kids were added to replace those).

Using Notes, I'd then have to remember entry format for each record found (I have more than one address). And, I'd have to make up a name for the Note which GEDCOM wouldn't recognize.

(Don't use FACTS at all as it doesn't have autocomplete capability that Events has, but if that's whre it belongs....)

Bill McQuary
14 March 2005, 06:50 PM

I rarely find a single solution to documenting all information from resources like property tax records. Instead I ensure that the source of the record is accurately cited and use Notes to highlight the most significant information in the record for a given ancestor or relative. For some that may be the period of residence revealed in a series of tax records. For others it might be evidence of financial condition. My aim is always to place people's lives in some meaningful context. That varies from person to person even though the information about them is drawn from the same class of records.

I make no effort to incorporate every bit of information in each record into Reunion.


14 March 2005, 06:56 PM
You could use the "Import Notes" button on the Notes page.
1. First create a template of the format you want, using AppleWorks or another word processor.
2. SAVE that template as a plain TEXT document.
3. Each time you fill out a particular tax assessment record, save that document (also as a plain TEXT document) under any name, in any folder you will remember, or a new one you choose to create.
4. In Reunion, open the Notes page of the concerned individual.
5. Click the Import Notes button
6. Select the filled-in TEXT document and click the Open button.
This will import the document into your Notes field.
(See also the Reunion Manual for "import notes".)

Lee James Irwin
Pennsylvania-German researcher