View Full Version : Non Preferred Picture not showing on iPad.

James Milne
26 July 2017, 04:46 PM
Newbie to Reunion from FTM on pc.
I've been adding the same group photo to several people using Reunion 11 on my mac. I have deselect the Preferred Picture option each time. On my iPad if the person already had a preferred picture then I can see the new group picture. If the person didn't have any pictures I am unable to see the new group picture. Selecting the picture icon only gives the option to "Take Picture" or "Add Picture". All the people I have added the picture to appear in the "People List Setting" in the "People with pictures" setting. In summary it would appear that if a person does not have a preferred picture then any "non preferred" pictures cannot be seen.
(Or am I missing something?)
Reunion for Macintosh 11.0.11 & Reunion Touch 1.0.3

James Milne
26 July 2017, 05:56 PM
Ah, I have found the pictures I thought were missing under "Edit Person" - "Media".
Must try harder next time :(