View Full Version : My Source Person Changes on ReunionTouch

Joan Stewart Smith
26 September 2016, 04:09 AM
I show up correctly as the source person when I use Reunion 11 on my Mac. But when I use ReunionTouch on my iPhone 6, my mother comes up as the source person - and all relationships are identified in relation to her.

How do I reset myself correctly as the source person on ReunionTouch - and keep it that way so it doesn't switch back. Should be an easy solution. Thanks for your help!

26 September 2016, 12:03 PM
Hi Joan,

In ReunionTouch on your iPhone, navigate to your entry then tap on your name button. In the menu that opens, tap "Find Relatives". This will set your entry as the source person.

FYI, it is intentional that you can have a different source person in ReunionTouch than you have in Reunion 11 on your Mac.


Joan Stewart Smith
26 September 2016, 01:07 PM
Thanks for your quick reply, Mark! And now I know to adjust this source person feature, if I need to. Best, Joan