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Tony Voss
17 December 2015, 06:20 AM
Hi... sharing a copy with family has many possibilities and there is a good article on this http://www.leisterpro.com/reuniontouch/questions/sharewithkids.php. Now a further question...

(1) I have my master copy in my DropBox Account
(2) I create a shared folder, place in it a copy of my master file, gift Reunion Touch to my 'sub-families' and share a link to the folder.
(3) Each sub-family can explore the shared copy and make updates to their branch and add their other parent's branch (my children's in-laws). (They will also be able to see updates made by their cousins to their sub-branch.)
(4) From time to time I can also open the shared copy alongside my master copy and compare. I can search for records with date stamps after the date of sharing to find what has been added or updated and I can incorporate these into my master file via my own quality control steps.
[To this point all is clear and very satisfactory.]
(5) Now I want to update the shared file to include my own researches since the shared copy was made. My question here is how best to do this. Adding my own many additions (perhaps thousands) into the shared copy would work but would be very tedious. I am looking for a better way.
(A) Simplest: create a new copy with a different name and delete the old copy. Advise all branches to switch to the new copy. (Snag - I have no way of forcing this to happen. Experience says that this may not happen in a timely fashion and reliably or at all. Until they do this, any work they do on the old copy (which no longer exists in DropBox) will get lost.
(B) AND HERE IS MY QUESTION: can I copy my master file over the shared copy (or replace it) in such a way that the update mechanism will update onto the copies on those iPads?

I don't know about the DropBox update mechanism enough to be able to answer this. Can we have some expert advice please?

thanks, Tony

17 December 2015, 09:19 AM
....AND HERE IS MY QUESTION: can I copy my master file over the shared copy (or replace it) in such a way that the update mechanism will update onto the copies on those iPads?Yes, this will work.

Use the same family file name and overwrite the original in the shared Dropbox folder. This will look to ReunionTouch as if you had simply reset sharing -- the devices will be forced to download the most recent family file from the Dropbox folder.

Tony Voss
07 February 2016, 04:42 AM
OK - I have this set up. My master file is in my DropBox space and the copy for the family to access and update is in a DropBox shared folder.

Now a grandson has added photos to the shared Reunion 11 file from his iPad - good. I searched for person records with a modification date later than the date I shared the file but it did not find them. It appears that adding a photo (or any multimedia?) does not cause the person record date modified attribute to be updated. Maybe it should? In any event I need a way of finding which persons/couples have had photos added or changed. How can I do this, please?
More generally, I need to be able to find *all* changes or additions made by family members so I can review them and merge them into my master file. This includes person records, couple records, multimedia/photos, sources, etc.
Comments or advice welcomed.

[I was a bit startled to discover that the photos added by said grandson have appeared in my ~/pictures/Reunion Pictures/Imported Media folder. It seems that when I open the shared file on my Mac and Reunion synchronises with it, the new photos are copied into this folder. This is consistent with the documentation in the manual on the Multimedia Sidebar.]