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John Bayle
27 November 2015, 05:15 PM
In the course of adding people to my file I've added some folks that were previously in the file. No problem Match and Merge them. But when you do this Reunion gives you a warning that this will cause a "Reset" of your sharing status for a file that's shared via dropbox. OK, fine. I've done this before.

But this time, it keeps giving me the "This file is not being shared" message in red.
I've checked the help file. I can find no help to make dropbox start sharing the file again. It seems to be totally automagic and mysterious. So it's not sharing my file now. Even the help seems not to apply because the help says to click on the sharing status window and there will be a button there. But there isn't a button there. Just a big white space with the line "This File is not being shared." in red.

I have restarted Reunion and rebooted the iMac. The message remains.


30 November 2015, 09:52 AM
...it keeps giving me the "This file is not being shared" message in red.This message is appearing because Reunion 11 is waiting for ReunionTouch (on your mobile device) to download the latest revision of your family file. Opening your family file in ReunionTouch for a minute or two will allow enough time for this to happen.

John Bayle
02 December 2015, 07:27 AM
Thank you Greg.
Your answer confirms what I discovered by "fooling around" on my own!
Still it seems to me that having a message in bold red letters saying that the file
is not being shared is alarming. Would it be more accurate to change the message to read something like "File not being shared because Reunion Touch has not accessed this file, since last reset." ???

I also found that I could make the problem go away by going into the dropbox icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen and pausing synching and then restarting it.

John Bayle
01 January 2016, 03:46 PM
Happy New Year!
Well, today I had another issue with this Synching thing! Desole.
Once again I merged a person and once again it went out of synch and the file was "reset". That meant the files were no longer synched and what was on the iMac was not being reflected on the iPad.

I fired up the iPad and opened Reunion Touch. I opened the file I've been adding people to and in which the merge was done. It said it wasn't sharing. It didn't just start sharing after a while. I exited out of Reunion on the iMac. No change. Back into Reunion on the iMac. No change.

Went out and back into Reunion Touch. It wouldn't re-Synch. So I went up on the menubar and clicked on a button I found called pause Synching. No Change (expected). Then I told it to start synching again. The second time I did this, then I got the message on the iPad (when Reunion Touch was open) indicating that it was re-synching.

This all seems very random to me.