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Unhappy Book report person's multiple marriages missing

I am just sick.... I printed out 11 books and sent them out yesterday, and just finished printing out copies for myself, which I don’t usually do... and I just realized that if the first person in the report had multiple marriages, only one of their marriages shows up.... yet multiple marriages show up for the rest of the people in the book. It should show all of those persons marriages and children.

I’ve run a number of tests and it continues to happen. Does it have something to do which who’s selected as the preferred spouse?? You still want all the spouses.

It should still list them all by the order they’re listed in that preferred list. I understand they won’t listed the additional spouses for the marriage partners, but it should list them for the person the report is for. It works okay, if they’re not the first person.

It does still note under the spouse, there was another marriage to “so and so”, but there’s no entry for “so and so” in the whole book, nor do their name(s) show up in the surname list or the person index.

Example; If I make a history book for me, and I have 3 marriages, my book should show all those marriages and children..etc... yes, I have the right person selected for the reports.

I’m using the latest release 12 with the latest update.

Appreciate any help! Sandy
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ReunionTalk > Using Reunion 12 > Book report person's multiple marriages missing

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