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Default Unlink Person from Parents

I have a person with many descendants linked to the wrong parents. Looking at Help and the two methods to unlink him scare me. Using the Clipboard and having to move all the descendants individually is a lot of work and using Edit, Person, Remove is fatal. Is there a simple straightforward to unlink a person and his/her descendants from the parents?

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Default Re: Unlink Person from Parents

If you just remove the person from the incorrect parents card, all of his descendants will still be connected to him. The person will still be in the index, along with his family.
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Default Re: Unlink Person from Parents

James, a more specific answer:

1. Go to the page where the wrong parents are displayed.

2. Under the EDIT menu, select CHILDREN.

3. On the next menu, highlight the child who is incorrectly attached to this set of parents.

4. Click on REMOVE child. SAVE.

This simply removes the child from this family, but does not delete his/her record. She's still intact, with all her descendants.

5. If you have the correct parents already in your file, go to their family page.

6. Under EDIT menu, select CHILDREN.

7. On the next menu, click on ADD CHILD and select ADD [male/female] CHILD FROM INDEX.

8. Find your recently detached child, and drag him/her to the child list. SAVE.
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