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Default Re: Organizing Folders for Dropbox and on iMac

Originally Posted by Mark View Post
That portion of the manual entry is specifically referring to sharing the files with other Macs - it's part of the "Using Dropbox to Share Your Family File with Other Macs" section of that manual entry. See the sentences prior to the one you quoted:

If you're NOT sharing the family file between Macs, and only between one Mac and ReunionTouch on your iOS devices, then it's not necessary to put the pictures in Dropbox. Based on your original post I was under the belief that was your situation - perhaps I misunderstood.

That was my situation at the time, but now I've been told that it needs to be on the laptop as well. (And I'm simultaneously wrestling with the issue of how to get the tree onto my husband's iPad and iPhone, because he logs into his own dropbox, not mine ...does he need to log into Dropbox using my username and password instead to down load the family file to his Reunion Touch? Dropbox seems also to have changed the way files are shared and that's no longer as clear to me.)
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